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5 Ways to Make Friends in Spain

1. Find Good Roommates

Living with strangers is always a risk, but having someone to help navigate your first year in Spain is a huge benefit while you’re away from home. Not to mention speaking Spanish every single day is the best way to become fluent.

2. Get involved in the Erasmus community

The Erasmus Programme is basically European study abroad. The Erasmus community is open and welcoming to young expats from all over. Every university town has an Erasmus facebook group with organized events (usually bar nights), trips, and some people just looking to meet people and practice their English and Spanish. In a lot of ways it’s easier to bond with other foreigners since you’re all in the same boat.

3. Have a hobby

Sign up for a French class or take Yoga.  Whatever you’re interested in, there are certainly other cool people interested in the same thing.

4. Sign up for an intercambio

Being fluent in English makes you a hot commodity. Signing up for an intercambio (language exchange) is a great way to meet locals and practice your Spanish. Most universities have intercambio programs and some people you meet around town will simply ask you to do an intercambio with them. You can also find one for yourself online:

5. Teach private lessons

Private English lessons are a great way to make extra cash and meet interesting people. With the bad economy, lots of out of work professionals and students are seeking to improve their English to beef up their resumes. Knowledge of grammar is helpful, but many students just want a native speaker to have regular chats with.

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