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Thousands of people have come to Spain to work as language teaching assistants, or “auxiliares de conversación” in Spanish schools. This year, 239 of these language teaching assistants told us about their experiences by filling out a survey that was written and analyzed by me, Kate Peregrina. I had time to do all this because I work as an auxiliar de conversación. Notes about reading the graphs:

  • “N = ” tells the number of responses to each question.
  • The number is brackets [ ] is the number of responses to a particular answer
  • On some bar graphs the percentages add up to over 100% because respondents were asked to check all that apply.

So here’s what 239 language assistants in Spain had to say about their living situations during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Living Situations

Furniture Lease

Living Situation


The 175 respondents who lived with roommates at the time of the survey were asked additional questions about their roommates.

How many people live with
Live with auxiliarSpanish roommate

Respondents who answered that they had a Spanish roommate or auxiliar roommate were then asked to check all that apply on the following question: Ax vs Sp Roommate


Rent varied by region and living situation. Among survey respondents, people from Madrid had the highest monthly rent and people from Extremadura had the lowest monthly rent. Here’s a graph:


And here’s a table:

Rent Table


Lived else where

Respondents who answered “yes” were then asked how many other residences they have lived in:

How many residences

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