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Auxiliar Survey Results

Thousands of people have come to Spain to work as language teaching assistants, or “auxiliares de conversación” in Spanish schools.

This year, 239 of these language teaching assistants told us about their experiences by filling out a survey that was written and analyzed by me, Kate Peregrina. I had time to do all this because I am one of these language assistants.

Not surprisingly, there was A LOT of variety. But some interesting trends did appear. Here’s what 239 language assistants had to say about their experience during the 2013-2014 academic year.

The results

I was overwhelmed and moved by how many people honestly answered questions about their lives and experiences over the past academic year.

Because the responses were so numerous, the results were split into 9 short articles. Click on the article title to read it:

1. Demographics

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Region Circle other

2. Work

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Most Teachers

3. Commuting and Time Consuming

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Weekly Commute Time

4. Housing

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5. Money

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6. El Corte Inglés and Boring Lives

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At Home CI and NCI

7. Spanish Speaking Levels

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Spanish Level Table

8. Sex, Love, and Sober-Kissing

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Sex IE

9. Returners and Renewing

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Year Graph

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