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8 Best Spanish Youtube Videos

1. Bigote

Country: Argentina
Quote: “Ustedes están hablando de lo que se siente tener un bigote?”
Description: Discussion about what it´s really like to have a mustache.

2. Jorge quiere ser hardcore

Country: Chile
Quote: ¡Mamá, déjame ser hardcore!
Description: No one knows better than this kid that not all dreams are achievable.

3. Psicologia inversa

Country: Argentina
Quote: “Si? No! No! Si!”
Description: This kid is convinced using logic straight out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

4. Niños incómodos

Country: Mexico
Quote: “Si este es el futuro que me espera, no lo quiero.”
Description: Thought provoking short film about the future of Mexico.

5. Me voy de casa

Country: Argentina
Quote: “Mamá, me voy de casa. Ciao. Me voy.”
Description: Adorable Argentinian commerical for…something.

6. Niño Predicador

Country: Peru
Quote: “¡Yo no soy un mono!”
Description: Child preacher and science expert explains the world as he sees it.

7. Porque no te callas?

Country: Spain
Quote: “¿Porqué no te callas?”
Description: This is one of several musical remixes of a moment five years ago when the King of Spain publicly told Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to shut up.

8. Mundo al revés: Hombres y Mujeres

Country: Ecuador
Quote: “¿Qué es azul para vos??”
Description: It is universally hilarious to make fun of the differences between men and women, and this video nails it.

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