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Translation Problem #003 – Don’t say “Penis”

The waiter walks over to take our order. Don’t say ‘polla,’ don’t say ‘polla,’ don’t say ‘polla’! I tell myself for the thousandth time. “Me gustaría…” I say, using the verb and tense I learned to order food with in high school Spanish. Don’t say polla, don’t say polla… “…polla asada,” I say. Dammit! Pollo means chicken, […]

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20 Bands to help you learn Spanish

Memorizing vocabulary is dull and boring. Conjugating verbs is painstaking and enjoyed by no one. Learing Spanish is so much easier when the words are put together to have meaning. Studying music takes the stress away of rote memorization and makes language learning fun.  1. Maná Genre: Rock Country: Mexico Maná are the kings of […]

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Guide to Vosotros

My high school Spanish teacher used the following words to describe the word vosotros: “Unnecessary” “Antiquated” “Snoody” “You’ll never use it” “I have no idea why they keep putting it in text books.” The fact is that “vosotros” is a thriving part of the Spanish language. Countless works of Spanish film and literature utilize it, […]

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