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Guide to Spanish Mobile Phones

Buying a Phone A mobile phone (un móvil) can be bought in any major city and even in many small towns. The major mobile phone companies in Spain are Vodaphone, Movistar, Orange, and Yoigo. Each company has individual stores where you can buy a phone. Stores like Phone House and Corte Inglés sell phones from many different […]

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8 Easy Tips to Improve your Spanish

1. Never make the /z/ sound The /z/ sound as in the English words “zebra” and “crazy” does not exist in Spanish. The letter “z” is pronounced as /s/ by most Spanish speakers, and as the unvoiced /th/ in most parts of Spain.  In English, the letter “S” is also pronounced as /z/ in many […]

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5 Ways to Make Friends in Spain

1. Find Good Roommates Living with strangers is always a risk, but having someone to help navigate your first year in Spain is a huge benefit while you’re away from home. Not to mention speaking Spanish every single day is the best way to become fluent. 2. Get involved in the Erasmus community The Erasmus […]

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How to Pack for Spain

  CLOTHES AND SHOES ESSENTIALS WINTER COAT: A pea coat or down jacket is ideal. Even in the south of Spain, it can get very cold on winter nights. Stick to solid black or gray, patterns or brightly colored coats are not common. WALKING SHOES: Living in Europe means lots of walking, bring at least […]

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